Features of the Earth golf ball

The Dixon Earth ball is green to the core. The Earth core is made from a proprietary polymer that maintains the playable properties of the ball, but ensures that it is 100% renewable. In addition to the core, the entire Dixon Earth ball is manufactured with materials that can be totally re-ground to basic elements and used to make brand new balls or other consumer products. The manufacturing process is significantly less harmful to the environment then tradition, heavy metal pollutant methods.

Renewable: The entire ball is made of materials that can be reconstituted and used for new balls or other post-consumer items.

Recycle incentive program: Each box includes a return pouch so golfers can mail spent balls.

Packaging: Made form 100% recycled materials.

Practical: Dixon Earth golf balls conforms to USGA standards and plays like the highest quality name brands.

Dixon Earth has gone through painstaking procedures to guarantee 100% "Green".

The Earth ball is a fusion of performance, technology and environmental responsibility.

Dixon takes a new route to eco friendly golf balls.. They decided to make the balls recyclable, the company states, "unless it was a high performing golf ball, no one cares how eco-friendly it is." Dixon made a golf ball that plays like a normal golf ball (which is made of a rubber core with some metals, like tungsten cobalt or lead to weigh it down and then a plastic type cover). Dixon ball is close to the traditional combination but took out those harmful metals and used a filler that's as safe as table salt. It's an earth friendly golf ball that give the golfer the distance, spin and playability of major branded balls. 

The Earth, Wind and Fire balls are sure to be a hit at charity tournaments, fund raisers or as a thank you gift. 

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